How to Organise a Fun and Successful Bachelorette Party

Has a good friend of yours recently got engaged? Have you been asked to be part of the wedding party? Congratulations! Weddings are a great time for everyone involved, even if you are helping to organise it. From helping the bride choose her wedding dress to holding her bouquet while she says her vows – you get the wonderful opportunity to be a part of your friend’s special very day.

One part of the wedding that you’re likely going to be asked to help organise is the bachelorette party. The bachelorette party – also known as a hens night or hens do – is where the bride and her closet friends enjoy a day or night out and celebrate her last moments in the single life.

There are a variety of things you can do and plan for this bachelorette party, depending on what kind of ‘style’ the bride is wanting. It’s important to ask the bride what type of bachelorette party she wants, as you want her to enjoy the day/night and not be uncomfortable at any stage. One bride may want a simple and classic party – such as a high tea – and another bride may want a drunken night out with local Wellington strippers! Because bachelorette parties go from one extreme to the other, it’s important to check with your bride first want she wants!

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Bachorlette Party

What’s your party planning budget?

Before you start the planning and booking anything for the bachorlette party, you’ll need to determine what budget you have available. Where the money comes from for the party will vary, but generally it’s paid for:

  • By the guests – the organisers of the party will ask the guests to pitch in a certain dollar amount to help towards party costs
  • By the bridal party – some bridesmaids are happy to pay for the costs involved with the party
  • By the bride – in some cases, the bride has designated part of their wedding budget towards the bachelor and bachelorette parties

Decide how the party will be paid for and then work out exactly how much the bridal party will actually cost. You may need to do some rough estimates to begin with. If the party guests are contributing towards the costs, it’s best to always ask for a little more than you may necessarily need – there’s always more things you can add to the party if you have anything left over from the budget!

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Stay local or venture out of the city?

One big decision that will impact the budget is the location you set for the party. To keep costs down, it’s recommended that you keep the party within Wellington City. For those on a larger budget, you can look at perhaps spending a weekend out of town – Auckland or Queenstown perhaps.

Just keep in mind that travelling out of town for the weekend may prevent people from being able to attend – generally for money or work reasons. By keeping it within the city, more guests are likely to attend the party.

There’s plenty of options for having an enjoyable time within Wellington City – you can enjoy a pampering day at a local beauty salon in Wellington, you can hire a limousine to drive you around at night, you can even hire out a VIP section at a local club!